Thursday, September 02, 2010

Spoiled, Again

As I previously mentioned, my parents came through on their way to and from Connecticut (2 days one week, 2 the next).  My brother's family lives there.  I wish they could've stayed longer, but I suppose their reason for hurrying to CT was a good one.

Anyway, they didn't waste any time spoiling us, as they always do.  They treated us to dinner out, took the girls on walks, paid for our tickets to the circus, and took us to a local waterpark.. for starters!  Since our camera is deceased, I didn't get circus photos, but thankfully Mom's camera is working fine.  Enjoy some photos from the waterpark!  Toward the end of the afternoon there, Olivia decided she wanted me to take her down the BIG waterslide.  I was dubious; I feard she would start screaming and try to stand up in the slippery slide!  But when she reminded me that "MOM!  I am almost four!" I acquiesced. 


This photo here was, I believe, her first ride down the waterslide.  By this point she had already started screaming, "MOMMY THAT WAS SO FUN AND PLEASE I WANNA GO AGAINNNNNN!"

The two younger ones really liked these little fountains, which lined the perimeter of the main kiddie area.
Ellia could not be persuaded to enjoy the lazy river. 

Livvie liked it, though.
SweetBabyGirlSugarHoney was the difficult one, never staying still for more than a half-second!  (This photo was one of about twenty attempts!)
We love seeing you, Grandpa & Grandma!  Thanks for the great visit!
We miss you!