Monday, September 20, 2010

Brienna turns one!

We didn't do much on Brienna's actual birthday, other than open gifts from those who couldn't attend her party the upcoming weekend.

Her first present was a gift card to McDonalds. 
She does like chicken.
Her first big-girl cup.

This was the Big One:  her first doll. 
Dolls, actually. 
It was a set--a large doll with a "Big Sister" shirt, and a small one wearing a "Little Sister" shirt.  Adorable! 
She squealed and hollered and stomped her pudgy little feet!
And then she gave the dolly enormous, open-mouthed kisses.
She enjoyed a couple bites of Daddy's ice cream sundae.

We had a party on Saturday & had about 25 people at the house.
***my homemade cupcake stand***

But before we could indulge in the confectionaries, we ate a spaghetti dinner.
The sandbox was a huge hit.
Brienna had no idea what this frosted, glowing thing was in front of her.
But it didn't take her long to figure it out.
Her left hand remained right there for the duration!  She wasn't letting that cupcake go anywhere!
After a quick bath, it was time for presents.
Her favorite was the rocking chair from Grammy & Grampy...
...though she didn't care to share it with Ellia.
Happy Birthday, Brienna!