Friday, August 20, 2010

To-Do List of One.

My to-do list for today has but one item on it, and it involves (in part) these:
By day's end, these fragrant beauties will be gone.  In their place will stand 8 jars of Hot & Sweet Salsa! 
I can hardly wait!  (Recipe to follow)

I also aim to can about ten pounds of pears, many of which were given to us by a friend whose yard boasts two pear trees. 

Earlier in the week, I put up 38 cups of green beans.  I feel like I've been livin' in the kitchen, but I don't mind!

How have your gardens been doing this summer?  Are you into food preservation?


the johnson crew said...

very cool, i dream of having a garden. hoping to even have one row of beans next summer... even if it only ends up being an experiment for the kids. :)

looking forward to seeing your salsa recipe.