Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brienna Elyse: 11-Month Update

Brienna turned eleven months this week!
I'm astonished to think that she will be ONE next month!

Brienna is, in a word,


(Note the firm grasp of her mother.  She would not be still for one single photo!)

She's walking proficiently, albeit like a chimpanzee. She even tries to run, though she can't get very far before falling.  

Do me a favor and just ignore the dopey look on my face here! Our camera has been dead for about 5 weeks, and apparently I've completely forgotten how to act around one.
Brienna has only two little teeth, but that hasn't stopped her from sampling quite a few foods.  She loves sweet potato, bread, crackers, mashed potato, and banana.  For the most part, she's still nursing (maybe 75/25?); however, I have noticed that those nursing sessions get shorter and shorter each day.  

  She's getting such a funny personality, blowing raspberries, wagging her head from side to side, playing peek-a-boo & chase, and just getting into everything!


the johnson crew said...

wow, what an early walker. how fun.

and that is a beautiful picture of you. you have a great smile karen.