Monday, August 23, 2010


In eighteen days, I will be mom to a Four-Year-Old.
When did this happen?
She is such a little mockingbird, such a mini-me, right down to facial expression and tone. 
This is not always nice to listen to, but it is almost always an accurate representation of the tone which I'm setting in our home.

Just this morning, I overheard the following conversation between her and Ellia:

Olivia:  "Ellia, you be the kid, and I'll be the mom.  It is time for you to go to bed."
Ellia:  "No, I not go bed.  I done sleeping."
Olivia:  "Ellia.  You are not obeying right now, are you?  I said it's bedtime; now obey."
Ellia:  "No!  I not sleepy!"
Olivia:  "This is not a discussion.  I will not discuss, and I will not argue with you!  You will not speak to me that way.  I will not let you.  God says you must honor me, doesn't He?  Yes, He does, in Ephesians 6:2..."  

And so on. 

And on and on. 
(And on, because I had to get my laughter under control before putting a stop to this sort of "play.")

What are your little mockingbirds revealing about your home?