Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ellia the Clown

Ellia is such a character.   Here's part of a conversation between her and Livvie last night:

Ellia:  (points to baby) "Brienna Elyse."
Olivia:  "Yep!  That's her middle name--Elyse."
Ellia:  "Trango Elyse."
Olivia:  "Noooo!  That's silly!"
Ellia:  (firmly)  "Yes.  Trango Elyse.  And Mommy Elyse and Livvie Elyse."
O:  "No, Ellia.  My middle name is Marie, like Mommy's."
E:  "And Ellia Elyse."
O:  "Nope, I'm Marie and you're Joy.  Ellia Joy."
E:  (gives sister a withering look)  "NO.  I'm Curious George."
O:  (laughing) "Ellia!  George is a monkey!"
E:  (sings) "I took Jesus us us saber, you take a few..."
As soon as Olivia joined in, Ellia stopped and said, "NO, I SINGING."

She has us laughing constantly. 
Well, that and pulling our hair out.