Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ellia Joy: 2-Year Update

Two years ago today I was doing this.

Two years ago she looked like this:

I can scarcely believe how big and beautiful she looks today:

27 pounds, 33 inches tall. 
*Ellia constantly makes us laugh!  She's rough and bossy, goofy and brave, imaginative and affectionate. 
*She loves to eat--pasta, pizza, and burgers are her favorites, and she has her mom's sweet tooth.
*She's perfectly average in size and just cut her canine teeth, top and bottom, with not a whimper.
*Ellia loves to sing; her favorite songs right now are "Around the Corner, Around the World" and "Do Lord."
*Her favorite book (this week) is We're Going on a Bear Hunt.
*She's a master imitator, copying everything Olivia does, right down to expression and tone.  Sometimes this is good; mostly not.
*She has a tender heart, and we pray that Ellia will grow to love and serve God with her life!

Happy 2nd birthday, Ellia Joy!