Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Exactly what I [DON'T!] Need.

I love books.  Love 'em. 
I also love cookbooks. 
And, similarly, I love chocolate, too.

So I just about fell over and went to cocoa heaven when someone anonymously gave me this:

Nate could do nothing but roll his eyes as I groaned and drooled.
I mean, just look at this:

And I don't know what this creamy taste-o-glory is in the middle here, but I want it. 
I'd like to take a bath in it, actually.

The only problem, though, is this little minor insignificant resolution I made awhile back. 
(Which, by the way, I did not hold to last week on my vacation, oh no sir I did not!) 

I suppose I'll have to shelve this cookbook until I can make a little more drastically significant headway in my health goals.


Mary Ann said...

Looks like a fabulous book & good luck with laying it aside for awhile! *grin* I share your chocolate obsession...I feel your pain!