Saturday, May 01, 2010


***"What is the Purpose of the Home?"*** It's easy to lose perspective in the day-to-day routines.  What a super reminder.

***"Have Bag, Will Travel"***  Love this idea.  The organization is waaaay out of my league, but maybe when I'm a grown-up.  And have a bit more storage space.

***"Ring the Bells"***  My friend's husband just finished up the last of his seminary course work.  And she & their sweet kids gave him quite the celebratory welcome when he came home!  Don't miss the last 2 seconds--they're the best part.

***"Everything that Happened"***  I don't even know Jenni.  But this post of hers was out-of-this-world.  I cried like a baby and praised God on her behalf.

***"Individual Scalloped Potatoes"***  I added some diced ham, and they were so delicious!  But you certainly do NOT need to use 8 potatoes.  I used 3.  Mmm.  I'm hungry.