Sunday, March 28, 2010

Update: "Needy"

I'm glad to report that the issues I spoke of a few weeks ago are almost completely resolved.

I've adjusted and tweaked Brienna's schedule so that her afternoon nap aligns with the Big Girls', at least for a little while. I can nap--or at least lie down--if I feel the need.

Also, my milk supply has increased, praise the Lord! I can actually feel the difference. I can't say emphatically enough HOW RELIEVED AND EXCITED I AM!!!!!!!!!!! Especially since Brienna is back to her usual once-per-night nighttime feeding. Wahoo! I'm optimistic that I'll be able to nurse her for several more months.

I think we've made some good forward progress with Olivia. God's Word is alive and powerful, oh yes it is! And He is using it in her little heart. I know this is true because I often hear her training and disciplining her dolls. And her sisters. And the dog...

God has been good, as usual, to renew my mind with His Word and with the encouragement of other Christian moms who have been where I am. Thanks so much for your kind words and helpful insights!