Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I Know For Sure (Not That I Speak From Experience, Of Course)

  1. Your washing machine is not nearly as effective when you don't put soap in it.
  2. If left unbuckled in the infant seat for longer than 30 seconds, some babies will turn over and slide out.
  3. A bad hair day--or especially an I-Haven't-Gotten-Around-To-Doing-My-Hair day--will always result in unexpected visitors.
  4. And if you haven't changed out of your PJ's/bathrobe? See number 3.
  5. You will always step in the one dog pile that you missed on Scoop Day. And if you don't find it, one of the kids surely will. You tell me--which is worse?
  6. In the rare event that your baby sleeps through the night, you will have a fitful night of barely-snoozing catnaps.
  7. As soon as you tell someone what a healthy winter your family has just experienced, you and two of your children will catch a cold.
  8. Your husband will, without fail, need to work late whenever you've had a bad day with the children.
  9. And when he finally arrives home and the tension lifts and you dance a little celebration jig, you'll throw your back out.

How was your day?


Mary Ann said...

Oh.My. Sounds like you had a rough one! I can't truly understand since we don't have any kiddos but I've had a few rough ones at work lately. The challenges are real & they are definitely hard. I am so grateful that the Lord is faithful to not ever give us more than we can handle & His grace, mercy, & strength are new every day - they never run out!
I'm hoping you rested well last night & I'll pray that today is much better!
BTW, love the new background - so colorful & cheerful!

Wild Ghese said...

Amen and yes, except for the dog poop. Don't have that issue.

the johnson crew said...

ha ha, that was good. but i am so sorry you had a bad day.

Laurie Nunez said...

Karen, that was cute - I also can relate other than the dog poop - lol. Number 7 is exactly me except it was me and 3 children who just got over a cold after a perfect winter! =) ahh, the joys of motherhood! love your updates and witty (Stine) humor - have a great day!
Laurie Nunez

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