Wednesday, March 24, 2010

21-month checkup: Ellia Joy

Weight: 24 lbs, 5oz. (73%)
Height: 34 inches (82%)

Ellia is doing great, except for one thing: her skin. Her skin is a mess! She has horrible eczema on her arms, hands, and legs. The doc describes eczema as "the itch that rashes." Of course, the more Ellia scratches, the worse it gets. I've tried OTC hydrocortisone cream, but it doesn't help much, so we obtained a prescription for a cream that's somewhat stronger. Hopefully it'll work soon and give Bunbun some relief.

Ellia's language skills have exploded! She can now verbalize almost everything she needs or wants, and not always in the right spirit! We're working with her on speaking kindly and on having a sweet attitude.

Can't believe you're nearly two, Ellia Joy! We love you!


Tricia said...

I know you guys are careful about your health and practice natural remedies, so you might have already thought about this, but I wanted to mention the possibility of food allergies causing the excema. I believe one of Katie Bruno's little guys has food related excema. Just a thought!

Laurie Nunez said...

my Samuel has terrible excema on his hands that we constantly deal with - we also tried several different remedies to no avail - then a friend from church told me about Palomar E - it's actually supposed to be for bedsores or something like that? but it's wonderful!!! I smear it on real thick at nap and bedtimes and put socks on his hands for while he sleeps and it does wonders - it's in a little round container (maybe I'll just send you a pic somehow on fcbk) and we get it at Walmart! =) hope this helps....or the prescription! =)