Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Celebration!

This year Nate & I decided to start a new family tradition.

We want to be careful not to give our children the false impression that Easter is all about hunting plastic eggs, digging into Easter baskets, and coloring boiled eggs. We want them to purposefully celebrate what Easter is really about--our Lord's sacrificial work of atonement and His glorious resurrection!

But the other stuff is fun, and we want the girls to enjoy those things. So instead of using them to celebrate Easter, we've decided to make the bunny-and-egg stuff about spring!

What better day to do it than last Saturday, the official start of spring?

We hunted eggs and dug into goody-filled baskets. What fun!

They love a good egg hunt!

Ellia was newly amazed at every egg she found!

The big girls with their eggs. Brienna was busy (napping).

Then it was back inside to search for Spring baskets! New books for all, along with a couple special sweet treats, stickers, and new tights!

I would've liked to made cut-out cookies with our spring-themed cookie cutters, but that didn't seem like a great idea, given our commitment to good health...


Mary Ann said...

How fun! I loved it when my nieces & nephews were at that young age when every new egg brought a huge gasp & that round mouth. Great stuff! I like how you decided to still do it but remove it from Easter. Very wise & still very fun.

TwoMuths said...

LOVE the spring egg hunt!!! Fabulous! I am definitely going to be planning ahead with clearance for next year. Thanks for the great idea!