Friday, March 26, 2010

Raising Up the Next Generation of... Breastfeeding Mothers?

Look at that perfect technique! Right arm supporting "baby's" head, baby's body in alignment with her own, even the crossed legs!

Of course the Middle One must copy everything her big sis does. A little tougher with a one-piece T-shirt on.

And Baby just watches!


Abby said...

Cute cute! Eli always wants to pump when I do! He's a funny kiddo!

TwoMuths said...

Great job, Karen. :-) I did have a discussion with Aaron about how only mommies can feed their babies that way (not to mention how he doesn't need to ask other people about things that are under their clothes after some unfortunate questions to some tight-shirt wearing ladies..."Are those your milk things?") Oh, boy. Cute pictures!!

Anonymous said...

I love it that she wears a tiara while breastfeeding!