Saturday, January 30, 2010


The other night Ellia "helped" me do the dishes.

What that really means is that I did the dishes, while Ellia played in the sudsy water. She got herself and everything around her wet--quite wet--but I didn't mind. The floor needed washing anyway.

When the dishes were done, I drained the water, much to the dismay of Ellia! At first I just shooed her away with, "Well, I'm sorry, but we're all done!" But she looked so sad, so I put a towel on the floor, plopped her down, and gave her some water.

She must've played and splashed for at least 20 minutes, filling first her cup, then pouring into her bowl, and dumping it back.

She was drenched by the time she was finished, but it was time for PJ's anyway! She's easy to please, for sure!

What simply things do (did) your kids enjoy?