Saturday, September 12, 2009


Oh yeah, I start 'em young around here.

In fact, I firmly believe that's why they make the dryer doors soooooooo low.


Jennifer said...

Look at her little belly, she is so precious! Brienna is a very pretty name.Have you not decided her middle name? What about Brienna Grace? I loved reading about Olivia's special day. What a great birthday. (except the burn of course).

Stacey said...

She is such a great helper!..Good training for someone so little and another one on the way. You'll have one to get the diaper and one to throw it away.

What about Brienna Elyse? Not sure if you already have a middle name picked out for her....we have Aleia Calais and Brienna Grace!

Ellia has SO MUCH hair.

Shyla said...

that is the first time that she has looked like Livvie to me! "train up a child..." :)