Sunday, September 13, 2009


On Friday we had Livvie's little friend Gabe over for a morning. They played so nicely!

First they dug out one of Livvie's birthday gifts--a Color Wonder painting set. (Love that stuff!)

Then Gabe wanted to play "Don't Spill the Beans." They thought the object of the game was to spill them. They got such a kick out of it that I didn't have the heart to correct them.

Then they played in the girls' room for awhile and got all tuckered out.

A rousing game of Hide-N-Seek followed.

And then Gabe wanted to go outside. He promptly fell in love with Olivia's Barbie car. I'm a little afraid of the repercussions. His dad is a very manly 6'4" dude. I expect a phone call any day.

I think this photo may be even worse.

They had a lively, hearty lunch after that. What a cheesy couple of kiddos!

Then they played store! They were so funny, "Do you need any help, ma'am?" and, "That's 28-4 cents."

Gabe was so well-behaved and respectful! We'll be glad to take him any time!


Alicia said...

Looks like tons of fun!

TwoMuths said...

it does look like fun! Sometimes it is easier when there is a friend over - when they play well together, it's lots of fun!