Monday, August 31, 2009


Last week I switched out Ellia's 12-month clothes for 18-months. I just HAD to put the girls in these cute matching PJ's! The smaller set was a gift for Livvie from Grandma Susie, and the bigger set was gifted to us by someone in our church.

Notice anything different about Ellia?
On a sudden impulsive whim, I decided to give her bangs this weekend! She always had to have a clip or ponytail in her hair, and even then, her hair was forEVER in her eyes. I hate that. Makes a kid look so raggedy and homeless. So snip, snip! Doesn't she look big!


Jennifer said...

Such cute jammies! I love gifted clothes! I never pay full price for pajamas. I wished you lived closer I could hand over some of Jennas clothes she just turned 4! I bet they would be perfect for Livvie.

Weadock Family said...

I love the bangs--they're super cute :) I did the same for my girls for the same reason!!

Kim Rhoney said...

Hey Karen,
I was just thinking about you and your next baby coming!! Sounds like all is well. I did accidentally delete your new address. I assumed you move into bigger digs? Hope so :) Please send if you get a chance.
And good luck with everything. We would love to come for a visit when the dust settles! Kim

Kim Rhoney said...

Oops! forgot to mention how cute the girls are. They getting so big. Phoebe will be driving before she grows as much hair as Ellia! Just beautiful!