Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gorgeous Girls

It's fun to watch Olivia & Ellia's relationship grow and change. Well, most of the time it's fun. Livvie loves to mother Ellia, and Ellia wants to do everything Livvie does.
Including having a snack at the kid table. Check out Ellia's little feet, crossed at the ankles. Such a proper lady.

Livvie wore a new dress from Grandma on Sunday. She must've asked me 5 times, "Mama, do I look pretty?" What a cheesy grin, Livvie!

Come on, TELL me Ellia isn't the darlingest baby girl you've ever seen.
I dare ya.


ruth said...

They are both darling. I can't deny it! You are so blessed, Karen.

Alicia said...

Adorable! Just not AS adorable as my own progeny. :)