Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Moving for Free

We're moving! I mentioned this before, but it's official now. Our renters came by last evening, and we all signed the necessary papers. It looks as though we won't sustain any moving costs, for which we're thankful!

This is due in large part to the fact that the new house has already been vacated. We've begun moving some things over there... a load here, a load there. Our basement is quickly emptying out; our crawlspace is empty, and our bedroom is stacked with boxes. How exciting! And I do apologize for this frightening picture of my offspring. Livvie looks like something straight out of Where the Wild Things Are. Disturbing, I agree. Anyway, the idea of a Big Moving Day or even a Big Moving Weekend is so overwhelming to me. Doing it little by little is definitely more my style.

It does require extra thought, I'll admit--we can't just throw things into boxes and load up! I think we'll be grateful in the long run, though; this way, I've got the time to sort as I pack. One whole corner of the garage is earmarked "Things to Donate/Discard/Sell." That's filling up quickly, too. So now, everything that goes into the house is stuff we need. That's a good feeling.

We received lots of boxes from a generous person who responded to my craigslist ad. Betsy works in the receiving department of a retail establishment--her job is to unpack boxes, break them down, and toss them into the recycle bin. So for a whole week, that blessed girl stacked broken-down boxes in her trunk for us.

We thought we may need to rent a small moving truck to get our big furniture items moved, but a few people have offered to lend a hand and/or a vehicle. Even that little expense may turn out to be unnecessary! Praise God for working out such minor details!