Friday, April 03, 2009

Teaching Responsibility

Livvie's been doing lots of little tasks for several months now, and I thought it'd be a good idea to introduce a formal Chore Chart.
It's working far more effectively than I had hoped! Immediately upon waking, she asks if she can do her chores and get her stickers.
She doesn't have to do anything extreme--just making dinner each night and balancing our family budget. *grin*
Here's a close-up of her little chart:

Olivia's Chore Chart

making my bed

getting dressed

feeding Trango


brushing my teeth (2 times)

helping Mommy

Did you notice that 2 of the "Obeying" spaces are blank? Those were rough days, and lemme tell you, the child was crushed when she learned that no sticker would be awarded for obeying.

Her chart is working so well that I decided to implement my own "schedule" of sorts. Stickers don't quite do the trick for me, but there'll be more on that tomorrow!

Happy Friday!