Saturday, April 04, 2009

(Daily) Schedule of Events

Awhile back, I posted about my daily cleaning/household task schedule. It's been working marvelously. However, Ellia is no longer 5 weeks old, but nearing 10 months (astounding.)! I've had to build even more structure into my days. Here's what my days have looked like:

To be done by lunchtime (11:30-noon):

  • Breakfast & cleanup
  • Vitamins for all
  • Get everyone dressed/ hair done
  • Olivia's morning chores
  • Bible Time
  • My daily chores
  • Drink 2 glasses water

To be done by 4 p.m.:

  • Lunch & cleanup
  • Take a nap, when possible (crucial, especially while pregnant!)
  • Drink 3 glasses water
  • Snack time
  • Play with the girls

To be done by 8 p.m.:

  • Helper time with Olivia (usually involves having her help putting clean dishes away, dinner prep...)
  • Dinner & cleanup
  • Drink 2 glasses water
  • Bedtime preparations

After the girls are in bed:

  • Next day's meal prep (setting meat out to thaw or soaking beans in crock pot)
  • Quick tidy of house
  • Wash face

Now, I know what you're thinking... you actually have to put "getting dressed" and "drinking water" on your schedule? Yes indeedy, ma'am! Or sir. You can guess how (un)productive my days are when I stay in my robe & sweats til noon. And it's no secret that I dislike water!

It's important to remember that, with young children, no schedule can be set in stone. If we're running an unplanned errand in the morning, then I simply adjust the schedule to accommodate the most important things. And of course, the schedule is secondary when Nate is home.

I toyed with the idea of doing an hour-by-hour schedule, but I think that would've been too frustrating for me. Besides, I'm working on ironing out some kinks in Ellia's own little routine. So the 4-hour blocks make more sense for me. But that's just my personality!

Do you have a routine? Any suggestions for mine?


Kara said...

I think the 4 hours blocks are a wonderful idea! And the water... lets just say you are very smart indeed about that. I suffered from kidney stones in January and they said it was probably because I don't drink much water.
Great ideas.

Amanda said...

I have been wanting to get a schedule going for Brooke and I too. Brooke just turned 10 months and it would be helpful to have a more structured day. Your schedule sounds great. Scheduling water intake is a must!! I have to keep track of how many glasses I've had during the day or I forget.

Anonymous said...

I have never commented on your blog before. I enjoy reading it, and think that you do a great job in sharing tips and stories w/ other moms. I have two little girls as well, almost 20 months and almost 4 yrs. And thanks for the water tip today; I just got off the couch to get a drink of water! :) (I am Christine Cumming's sis-in-law.)

Mary Ann said...

I think your schedule is very sensible. I don't have much in common with your day to day tasks since I work (a lot) & don't have children, but I do make a daily to do list & it includes very basic things like making my bed, exercise, etc. Anything that gets marked off feels like an accomplishment. And the water drinking thing is essential for me, too!