Thursday, April 02, 2009


I saw the idea for this Easter Garland, & I knew Olivia would love it! It was so simple, and what a terrific reminder of the upcoming Passion Week & Resurrection Day.

First, print out selected words/phrases on your computer. The ones we chose:
The King of the Jews
The Lamb of God
It is finished!
He is risen!

Next, trace a circle around each one & cut out.

After that, cut out larger circles from pretty paper & glue words on. Livvie LOVES glue. Mostly she puts a giant blob in the center, but she did great!

Next, punch a hole in the top of each circle. This step may require lots of effort and grunting. Make sure the 2-year-old goes potty first. Not that I speak from experience...

Then, since hole-punching is so very fun, find a piece of scrap paper and punch to your little heart's content.

Next, check on the baby who's supposed to be sleeping. When you realize she is awake but happy, leave her alone to finish your project.

Last, tie the circles onto a long piece of ribbon, and hang wherever you wish.

Die from the cuteness.

And then thank God for making the Ultimate Sacrifice.


Stacey said...

Every time I read your post I wonder how do you have time to do all that you do? Clean, cook, projects, grocery shop, Bible study, and more...what is your secret. Do you have a schedule?

I am trying to find some time to write in my journals and to excercise but the only time I find time is late at night when they are both sleeping.

You really must tell us all how you keep it together.


Karen said...

O goodness, Stacey!
If you could hear me cackling right now! If anyone does NOT have it all together, that's me! I guess no one really does.

I do in fact have a schedule, but I've just made it up this week. (More on that a later day.)

The Bible study I was attending is over. And my house is never all clean at once!

I wish I could say I exercise, but I do not. And this blog serves as my journal.