Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A week in review

I didn't think I took very many photos last week, but I'm sitting here waiting for my 32 pictures to import. I guess I did okay. It was fun to tell my family members (30 or so of them!) our big news, but the highlight was my grandfather's surprise birthday bash! He turned 79 on Saturday, and his children all drove/flew in for the event... from CT, KS, NC, & WI. Lots of his grandchildren came, too. Here's the week in pictures, in no particular order:

Gramps's favorite: applesauce cake with homemade chocolate frosting

Ellia & Livvie are starting to play so well together!

Gram bonds with Ellia

Can you tell it's gettin' nigh unto naptime?

Livvie & Malachi share the pony.

Olivia went swimming 4 times!


Ready for a swim!

Grammy's helper

Ellia & Grandma did lots of this

Playing with Aunt Sam

Self-portrait with Mommy.

My grandparents with their 7 remaining children

Two girls and their mama

Proud Grandpa!

BIG sister

Olivia learned how to operate the pump on the lotion. Her skin has never looked better.

Ellia the Daredevil

She loves this toy!