Friday, March 13, 2009

Gotta love the upswing

After a month or so of my stomach trying to turn itself inside out, I say with great rejoicing that those days seem to be fading slowly into the sunset (Pleeeeease, God, let it be so!). I still have little daily bouts with the blahs, but I haven't vomited in a couple weeks. And today I enjoyed the meltiest, tangiest, yummiest Reuben sandwich ever. Funny how ordinary food morphs into heaven-on-earth after stomach issues subside.

Anyway, speaking of reubens, I have some sauerkraut needing to be used up, and I don't feel like pairing it with polish sausage, as I usually do. I wonder if y'all might have a recipe or 2 for using it up? And I checked this site, which nearly sent my poor tummy into a tailspin, what with recipes like Savory Reuben Cheesecake and Kraut Juice Delight. Blech!

How are you this Friday?


Abby Sokul Turner said...

I haven't made this yet, but my friend that I got the recipe from said it's really good - so ya never know!!

32 oz of sauerkraut
1 medium sized apple, peeled and sliced
1 slice of an onion separated
Pork chops

Put first three items in crock pot. Put pork chops on top. Cook until meat is done.

Madeline Grace Fulton said...

CONGRATS by the way....just getting caught up on the blogs.... anyone who has more than 2 is, in my opinion, a superhero. I don't know how I am going to handle just the two!!

I get what you're saying about how good food tastes after you're sick. I got the flu about 3 months ago and the popsicle I ate afterwards I wouldn't shut up about how good it was!