Friday, January 02, 2009

My Enduring Work

Here, a portion of a Girl Talk post.
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"...most of my days looked pretty much the same.

I got out of bed each morning so that I could do everything I did the day before.

I washed the dishes so they could be dirtied again.
I ironed the clothes so they could be worn and wrinkled again.
I wiped noses so they could run again.
I picked up toys so they could be played with again.
I mopped the floor so mud could be tracked on it again.
I cooked meals so that I could go to the grocery store again.
I made beds so they could be slept in again.

Some days I wondered:
if I do all I do, only to have it undone, am I really doing anything?

...I realize that all of the mundane, repetitive days are actually full of significant, enduring work. A home is being built. A family is being knit together. Little souls are being shaped for eternity."


Stacey said...

Ok that is so weird, I was just having this whole conversation with my husband, it is as if you were a fly on the wall and knew I needed to hear this today, you don't know what an encouragement these words brought to me just in time TODAY thank you so much.

Lord bless ya,

Anonymous said...


This was EXACTLY what I needed today. It actually made me cry. It is good to be reminded that what we do is actually worth something. Thanks for sharing.