Thursday, January 01, 2009


We spent a couple days at Nate's parents near Chicago. Shannon's clan went, too--we made lots of memories, and not all good ones, either! All in all, though, I think everyone had a good time. I think.

Livvie & Leah enjoyed riding Trango.

We spent a day downtown. Well, everyone except Shannon, who lay in bed with the flu. Ick.

We went to the Museum of Science & Industry... here we are on the trolley.

Livvie liked watching the chick hatchery (not sure what it's called exactly.)

Nate & Livvie checked out the enormous nativity.

Emily & Ellia were very affectionate!

We were really interested in the German U-boat, U-505, especially since we had recently watched the film "U-571."

We also stopped by Milennium Park. Here's Livvie checking out her reflection in the Bean.

The skating rink was packed, with tons of people waiting in line.

Early last week Justin & Kelly & Brendan had the flu. By the end of the week, Evan & Emily had been ill. Tuesday Shannon was sick, and then Livvie woke up yesterday feeling crummy. She had a fever of 103.8 and was clingy & fussy. Poor baby!
We left Chicago around 4, and Livvie finally did vomit in the Jeep (on washable items, thankfully!). It wasn't a fun ride home, for sure. She was miserable.
This morning she's doing lots better. She's playing and singing like normal, with just a slight fever. Here's to hoping no one else gets this nasty bug!


Alicia said...

We got that flu bug and passed it around to our family too. blech! Thankfully the vomitting/diarrhea part only last 24 hours here.

Karee said...

my whole family got the flu over Christmas last year - seems we passed it around so a new person got sick each day. So miserable! I'm sorry you guys got sick :( I hope the rest of your family stays healthy! We love your pictures - Livvie and Ellia are DOLLS!