Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Feeding the Non-Eater

Okay, a picky eater is one thing, but a non-eater is entirely another. It would appear that I have a non-eater on my hands. I'm hoping it's just because she's been sick lately, but the child honestly just will not eat. She'll tell me she's hungry, excitedly get into her chair, and then won't eat her food.

Today Olivia has had a toaster waffle. That's all. It's 4:06 p.m., and she hasn't eaten since 8. And she won't eat anything. What's a nutritionally-conscious mommy to do?

I'm of the persuasion that my children will eat what I make for them. And if they won't eat it, then I will serve it at the next meal. I am not a short-order cook, nor do I have money to toss down the garbage disposal (quite literally!) whenever my kids' whims call for something that's not on the menu.

Today, though, I am growing concerned & doubting myself. After refusing fish sticks & peas (2 of her favorites) at lunch, I slapped a piece of foil on her plate and placed it in the fridge. At 4-ish, when she said she wanted to eat, I warmed it up & tried again. No go. I whipped up an almond butter & jam sandwich--another big fave. Nope.
Any suggestions?


Kim said...

Preston is really picky too! He will only happily eat pudding, yogurt and pizza! Anything else is a struggle! Oh well, sooner than you think they are 11 (like Stephen) and you can't keep enough food in the house!! :)

I see we are only a month apart exactly on our due dates! I find out on the 13th what we are having this time! Can't wait! Take care!

TwoMuths said...

I wouldn't be concerned unless the non eating streak continues. Aaron will eat like a horse one day and the next day will have a more sparse appetite. I have a friend who is a midwife and has raised 8 kids and she says for toddlers, you have to think more in 3 or 4 day spurts. That helped me when I was semi-stressed about the food groups, etc.

Hopefully she'll be a good eater tomorrow!!

Mrs. Elliott said...

Although, I'm not a mom yet, when I was little my own mother had the rule that if you didn't like what she cooked you could have a pb & j sandwich, or be hungry. Maybe, giving Olivia the option might spur her on... although it sounds like she wasn't enticed with it as a single option.... hhhmmm... that's tricky. I'm interested to find out how you figure this out. Sound like she might just be testing boundaries too, or maybe like you said, it's just because she has been sick.

Johanna said...

I wouldn't be concerned yet - just keep an eye on her. I know that with Timmy, we faced the same situation after he'd been sick. It got better after a couple days. I called nurse direct and they told me as long as he was still having wet diapers and wasn't dehydrated, not to worry. Even when they aren't sick, Timmy and Taylor tend to be fickle eaters - one day they'll just eat like little piggys and the next day they'll eat hardly anything!