Tuesday, December 25, 2007

We are blessed...

Let's go back to this morning. Here's Livvie opening this year's ornament--a photo frame.

This one is from Daddy. It's a toy cellphone--a real-looking flip phone. She's really getting the hanging of unwrapping presents!

It's a hit! She didn't want to put it down.

We spent the day at Ryan & Celeste's house. It was fun & relaxing... & exhausting! We started the festivities with our annual photo shoot. We decided to do that right away, while everyone was looking fresh and happy. That was a good idea.

We had the grandkids/cousins go first. Livvie wasn't thrilled about it.

What a little cherub we've got... I never did get a great one of all of them.

"Mom" & "Dad" are opening their TV trays from us.

My little bookworm, reading The Night Before Christmas

Drew got a Lightning McQueen video game. Nate is teaching him how to play... I think!

Playing in the window seat

Isn't she festive!??


Alicia said...

That only-wearing-tights phoot is hilarious! I think she's got to work on her hourglass figure. :) Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!