Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Little Shopper

Olivia's "big" gift from us was a pint-sized shopping cart, which came with several play food items. She loved it! This is a video clip of her on Christmas morning, right after Nate put it together for her. She insisted that each item be placed in her cart properly.

The Lord was so good to us this Christmas; we always feel richly blessed by our families' & friends' generosity. One of our CU parents gave us a beautiful nativity ornament & a nice cash gift. Both sets of parents gave us generous cash gifts, which are always appreciated and well-used! We were also given an electric mattress pad... and the angels sang! Our ceramic heater in our bedroom does a nice job of heating the room, but it is BRUTAL crawling into a frigid bed! (Until you spend a night in our room, you simply don't understand!) Last night we slapped that puppy on posthaste and giggled with glee as we got into bed. Yes, giggled. Even Nate. We also received Pecan Pralines... YUM!, as well as a box filled with tasty goodies.

Justin had my name this year; I received a Corningware casserole dish w/ lid and a beautiful Ansel Adams calendar from him. Kelly threw in a sizeable number of truffles that she made! :) I also received 2 round cake pans, a spoon rest, and a round Pyrex casserole dish w/ lid. I should be all set for baking! I also got a comfy nightshirt and a Celtic Christmas CD, which is beautiful. Kim (boss) gave me a cash gift--I spent that today on winter maternity wear--3 pairs of pants, a sweater, and a book. In addition, I received gift certificates to Taco Bell, which I love. I think I'll save them for those nights when I get TB cravings! Nate gave me Josh Groban's Christmas CD in my stocking... yay! I'd been coveting it. :) Not really. My stocking also held some trail mix and a Cooking for 2 magazine.

Tim had Nate this year; Nate got a headlight from him, as well as 3 coaching books. He wants to start collecting books by famous coaches. A couple of the books are by John Wooden. Nate got Taco Bell certificates, too, and a set of pajamas (flannel pants w/ comfy shirt). He doesn't really wear PJ's to bed, but he loves them for around-the-house. He wore them all day today. Nate got some new dress socks in his stocking, and some of his fave snacks, including Slim Jims, peanut M&Ms, and grape-flavored Big League Chew.

And Olivia the Princess made out like a bandit! She got a fancy sled, (although I don't think it was purchased from that particular company) a toddler-sized table & chair, 5 books, 2 dresses, slippers, cash, a K-Mart gift card, a couple ornaments, Candy Land game, a cute hat, a snazzy outfit, gloves, a great tea set, and her first glow worm! Her stocking held mostly practical things... a new toothbrush, a set of sippy cups, some yummy snacks, a brush/comb set, & a book.

Our replacement printer arrived on Monday, so today I joyfully completed our Christmas letter and sent those out. I hit just a couple stores today and snagged some great after-Christmas deals. I also visited the chiropractor. What a blessing.

Nate's back at Concordia tonight--practice has resumed once again.

How was your Christmas?