Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Welcome, 2006!

I can't believe it's 2006. Remember all the hubbub surrounding the year 2000? Anyway. We spent New Years at a party thrown by our friends, Nate and Damaris. There were 5 couples there in all, and it was so fun! We played a couple games and ate and watched the ball drop. We both had the 2nd off, which was nice. I went to the Salvation Army, where everything in the store was 50% off. I love that! I got a really nice mountain bike for 12 bucks. Not bad! I also hit Target's and WalMart's Christmas clearance. YAY!

I worked yesterday and babysat Leighton and Malachi this morning. Then I came home and tidied up the house, did laundry, etc. Tonight Concordia has a game at Madonna University (that name always cracks me up). Kelly, the head coach's wife, and I are riding together. Last week when we did that, we had a really great discussion about spiritual things. (They're Lutheran, if ya forgot.) Anyway, it turns out they are very, very close to what we believe.

I lost almost 5 pounds in the last month. I'm certain it's because I was sick; otherwise, I surely would've gained! I'm pretty proud of that! :)