Thursday, January 05, 2006

My Digital Camera

Okay, question for all you digi-dorks. :) Why does my camera eat batteries so quickly? I have a Canon PowerShot A520. It came with 2 AA batteries. I played with it for 20 minutes, if that. The next time I turned it on, it flashed the message, "Need new batteries." So I replaced them, thinking the ones they included were cheapos. I took 4 or 5 pictures, and then it flashed the message again--"Need new batteries." Ugh!

So I went online and read several reviews about this particular camera. Half of them said the battery life is low; the other half said the battery life is good. Sheesh! Can anyone tell me about it, or at least someplace where I can find a reliable review?


Shyla said...

karen...i am no longer a digi-dork virgin and would like to share my experience with you...the same thing happened to us - we went out and bought lithium rechargeable batteries and haven't had trouble since. That information came straight from our digi-dork pimp Joel! He's a tech guru! As for a webpage...not sure, just pick up some lithium batteries and get them rechargeable to save on $$.
Oh, i think if you use the zoom a lot, the video feature or anything like that it eats your battery life faster too.

journeyer said...
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journeyer said...

I would DEFINITELY recommend using rechargable batteries. Also, if you look through the open view on the back of the camera, instead of the little eye hole (the "old fashioned" way; it uses up a lot of the battery life. So if you know you are going to be taking a lot of picts, it is better to just turn off the preview mode (if you have that as an option.) Hope this helps, Katie