Saturday, December 31, 2005

Christmas, part 2

Lest you think Christmas was a completely wasted day, here's what Nate got me:

* a Bath & Body Works gift set--bubble bath, body spray, lotion, and a candle (scent: Moonlight Path)
* a pedometer--I've been curious as to how much I walk at work!
* several pairs of earrings
* a digital camera and case! YAY!

I got him a bunch of tools, a pair of Nike basketball shorts, a dress shirt, a coaching folder, and a Michigan flag.
What did you get?


Vicki said...

I got a new bike! YAY!!

Shyla said...

Nathan and I bought each other a digital camera. Very nice.
My mom and sister bought me the cutest meternity clothes and interestingly enough, the rest of my family wrote my name on the outside of the package...but inside it was presents for the baby! :) And so begins a life lof selflessness!! LOL Hope you feel better soon!

Shyla said...

the would be "maternity" clothes! Sheesh! First day back to work since the 22nd!