Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Where does the time go!?

I have today and tomorrow off. I recently received some plants that I need to transplant today--chives, lavendar, and some greenery that produces yellow flowers. I also need to divide my peonies and take Trango for his shots. (I'm told I need to bring a stool sample. Gross.)

Last Saturday we went up to his grandparents' house for a work day (Both grandparents have passed away). It was kind of fun--we rode up there with Ryan and Celeste and the kids. I did some weeding in the flower beds, but mostly the women and kids just talked and made lunch.

Today I plan to begin on my class work. I have to write an autobiographical letter and a children's story. Nothin' like diving right in! :)

Tomorrow one of my former students is coming over to hang out with me for awhile. The school closed this year, and she is homeschooling. She's had a hard time about it, so occasionally we do things together.

Okay! That's about it!


Shyla said...

who knew you had such a green thumb!
must be the poison ivy!