Thursday, October 06, 2005

Poor dog!

I was sitting in my living room with Nate tonight, when we heard a horrible yelp, screeching brakes, and a woman's scream. We don't hear any of those noises in our quiet little neighborhood, so we all (Trango included) jumped up and ran to the open door.

We saw an SUV slowing to a stop, and a small dog--looked like a Beagle--hopping on its front legs toward the vehicle. Strangely, he wasn't howling or whimpering as most dogs would do. The SUV finally came to a stop, and we heard the driver, a teenager, yelling, "He just jumped out of the car! First he was just sitting there, and then he just jumped right out!" Then, as he got closer, he shouted, "O man! His leg bone is sticking out!"

The boy's mom was just running around, doing I don't know what. Maybe trying to get a better look at the leg bone? But she just kept saying, "Oh!" The two of them kept circling the car, yelling and panicking. The boy was holding the poor dog, bouncing him all around as he and his mom decided who should drive and who should call and who should hold the dog, etc. Finally, they made a decision and sped away, yelling all the while.

Poor Trango didn't know what to think. He stood there at the door, ears up and muscles strained, looking like a pointer! He was pretty worried, and so was I. If those people aren't willing to spend big bucks for their dumb Beagle, he's a goner!


beck said...

That's so sad:( If anything ever happened to Shadow, Bubbles, or Ginger it would be horrible!!