Wednesday, September 28, 2005

As Iron Sharpens Iron...

Every Tuesday night my church has men's basketball, and Nate puts it together. Well, last night was no different, except that instead of staying home (I was home all day and got lots done), I called my sister-in-law to see if she wanted to get together. (Ryan, her husband and Nate's brother, plays too.)

Well, we rode with our husbands and met at the church with the intention of working on our scrapbooks. Neither of us was able to get much done, however, because we got to talking. We always do! Nate is wonderful, and I absolutely love being with him and talking with him. But there's something about having "woman" conversation! Plus, I try really hard not to talk to him as though he were my best girlfriend anyway. We didn't gossip or bash our husbands (I HATE to hear women doing that! I want to say, "You picked him!"). We just talked and laughed and shared . . . woman stuff!

We talked about kids--she has 2; I have 0--but at this stage I'm absorbing all I can from her. She is Supermom. We talked about marriage and finances and our personal walks with the Lord. It is so good to have her to talk to! Celeste is a few years older than I and has more "family" experience, but we're close enough in age that we can still relate to each other. Drew and Caela were there, too. Drew is 3; Caela is 1. They were as charming as ever, and I always love spending time with them.

I went away from Celeste, as I always do, feeling "sharpened." The way iron sharpens iron, and the way a friend sharpens, or improves, another friend.