Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A little extra $$

So I'm talking to Kelley (head coach's wife at Concordia University, where Nate is assistant coach). She just had a baby in August, and her boss has been BEGGING her to come back to work ever since. Her boss is so desperate, in fact, that he told Kelley she could work as often or as seldom as she wanted, whatever hours she wanted, and he'd give her a raise so she could pay for childcare.

WELL, she asked if I would consider watching their 2 kids, Leighton (2.5) and Malachi (6 wks.), while she works. Of course I told her, "Sure!" This was Monday night. She asked if I could start Thursday! So tomorrow Leighton and maybe Malachi are coming over at 9 and staying til lunchtime. She's paying me, which I did argue about briefly, but I think I'll put that cash away for Christmas or something.

Anyway, my days are quickly filling up, and I love it!


Papa said...

Does she understand that her son can never be more than the 2nd most important Malachi?