Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Bearable Chore

I like to mow the lawn. Call me crazy, but I really do like it! We just got a mower (we had been borrowing his parents--what a pain!), and it has a self-propelled option. Wow, talk about spoiled! I think self-propelled mowers are for lazy cheapos. I mean, if ya don't want to do any work, then get a riding mower! :) I don't truly feel that way; it just struck me today as I mowed. I kept laughing at myself because here I am, mowing our small yard, and I turn the corner. I push the self-propel clutch in and off we go...6 whole steps and I have to stop and turn again. It really is ridiculous to use the self-propel option on our little yard.

Anyway, I think mowing the lawn is fun because I start off with this overgrown, unruly grass, and I know it's just a matter of time until it's back in shape again. Lawnmowing is the ultimate instant gratification chore, perfect for impatient me. Then, once I begin, it's cool to see the line of demarcation that I'm making. Left side, short grass. Right side, long grass. And occasionally I look at the grass left to mow, and I watch as it gets smaller and smaller, until I have just one tiny little strip of it left. And then I zoom over that strip, give the mower a little shove, and release the handle, which shuts it off. And I'm always surprised at how quiet it is when I do that.

But the best part is looking out the window and seeing my trimmed, neat little yard, freshly mowed and smelling nice.


Katie said...

My thoughts exactly! I also love watching my own progress as I mow grass - although it's been over a year, thanks to renting. It's rewarding seeing the complete contrast between the long and short grass - like the difference between nasty stain and pure white on those oxy-clean commercials that that nice man is on.