Monday, September 19, 2005

Clinton assails the President--again

I am so sick of what Bill Clinton has to say. Ever since Bush was elected, Clinton has criticized him. Now he's complaining because so many of the poor people on the Gulf Coast got left behind. Didn't he see the footage of so many people who refused to leave their homes?

And one of the most idiotic things he's said yet: We should have sent more buses in for the poor people, and extra buses for all the belongings of those without house insurance. Hello. Am I missing something here, or is this statement ridiculously idealistic? Who had time, during the chaos that followed Katrina, to look up the insurance information of all those thousands of people? Plus, the disaster relief had more than they could handle, just getting people out of there! I'm pretty sure that gameboys, computers, and jewelry were the last things on most people's mind as the toxic waters rose. So many survivors said they didn't care about their "stuff;" they were just glad to be out with their lives. AND, I say, if people decide not to put insurance on their houses, that's their decision, but they should be prepared to deal with the risks and consequences involved! Duh!

I was surprised when I heard that Clinton teamed up with George W. Bush to raise money. I thought, "Well, at least politicians can work together on something!" I should have guessed that he couldn't do even this one humanitarian thing without making some kind of retarded comment. Why can't he EVER just be civil and gracious? Somebody forgot to tell him that former presidents should have these qualities. How hard can it be?! The press asks, "What do you think of the efforts given in the South?" You say, "We are making good progress, and we hope that the people can get back to normal soon." Ugh! One would think that, having been president himself, he would understand and appreciate how difficult it can be to hear constant criticism.

But perhaps I expect too much of a liar and an infidel.


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