Monday, September 26, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Me!

...and Nate, of course. Yes, we celebrated one year of marital bliss this past Saturday. And I say that in all sincerity--it has been so fun being married! We both were cautioned, separately and together, that the first year is the roughest in most ways--finances, adjustment, communication, etc. So we agree that if last year was the roughest, then boy! We really were a match made in heaven! Of course, there were a couple days (and by a "couple," I really do mean two) that were a little trying. But the other 363 days of our first year were great!

On Friday night we went up north to Beulah, MI, where his dad grew up. We got in pretty late and slept in until almost 10! Already a wonderful weekend! Then, we had breakfast and headed to Otter Creek, which flows into Lake MI. This beach is sandy and beautiful, and it was a gorgeous day. We walked on the beach and waded in the water and had rock-throwing contests. (You find as flat a stone as you can and pitch it into the air over the lake, making as little a splash as possible. He won 95% of the time.)

Then that afternoon we went to Traverse City, MI, where we checked into our hotel room (which, by the way, included a big hot tub! Yesss!). We decided on a restaurant, Ciao Bella. As it turns out, Ciao Bella is authentic Italian! Not just glorified spaghetti. Our salads came topped with an anchovy. Gross me out. Other than that, it was really good--but really small portions. So we got back, went for a swim, and ordered pizza, which came at 11:00 p.m. Then we relaxed, exchanged cards, and watched our wedding video, reminiscing about "this time last year."

It was a short weekend but a really nice one. We decided not to exchange gifts. Instead, we are going to purchase something for our home (probably a new screen door).
So I wonder: how long until I'm no longer a newlywed?


Shyla said...

I thought about you on Saturday! It was Nate's best friend's engagement party that whole day, so I didn't have a chance to call and say congrats, but I actually was a bit hesitant to call on the 1st year anniversay....maybe i'll wait until the 5th to call on the actual day!! :)
I totally agree about how great marriage is! The only hard times we had made us closer...(ie; miscarriage)but the Lord has blessed and we are expecting again in the Spring (SURPRISE!) I have been KAHWEEEEZY!!!!(queezy) It's yucky, but it's worth it!
So, auntie K, baby Rohrer II is on the way!
Happy one year!! Say hi to your nate! love,