Friday, September 09, 2005


As I sipped my coffee this morning on my way to work, I couldn't help but think about this casual habit of mine. What is it about coffee that I love so much? I'm pretty sure it's not the taste; why, then, do I take a sip, holding the cup in both hands while I sigh with my eyes closed?
I should probably note that I am a mocker of those "coffee drinkers" who load their mugs with more cream and sugar than coffee. I do like a little flavored creamer, but it's just that--a little.
As I continued on my way this morning, sipping happily, I came up with this conclusion: I think I love the idea of drinking coffee more than the actual taste. Coffee just carries with it the aura of serene cafes and solitude. And of course, there's the aroma! Ahhh, the aroma of coffee! I've met many people who don't like the taste but love the smell of coffee. I haven't met many who don't like even the smell.
Anyway, those are my musings on coffee. Think I'll brew a cup right now. . .