Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Picture of Sophistication

I've been without glasses for quite some time now.

Just laziness, really.
They cost a whopping $26.95-plus-tax-and-shipping at Zenni Optical, and that's only because I always pay the additional 20 bucks for the slim, high-index lenses.

My eyeballs have been begging me to just go ahead and order the dumb glasses already.

Bossy little things.

Well, I finally did.  
And don't I look so much more sophisticated?  Grown-up?  Classy?  Elegant?  Mature?  Librarian-ish?

Yeah, I thought so, too!
(I picked these fun frames.)

My eyeballs are so happy.  They can breathe more easily in the evenings, now that they get a little break from my contact lenses before I sack out for the night.

Disclaimer:  Zenni does not pay me, nor do they give me free glasses, for the shout-out.
Which is a bummer, because I'd love to get a couple other fun pairs of glasses!


Kathy said...

I cant scroll down to that picture without cracking up. Very dangerous at work.

Karen said...

Don't go getting yourself in trouble! :)