Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Injury setbacks

It has been weeks now since I had a decent run.
I AM ALL SORTS OF ANTSY.  And that is severely understated. 

I keep giving it a try, once or twice a week, but my foot keeps telling me "OH NO YOU DON'T, GIRL!" 

Now I'm starting to suspect that the treadmill running is exacerbating my problem!  Oh no!!  I've not been able to do more than a mile on it since the pain began! 

So Saturday I took off for downtown, because it's nice and flat. I decided to run at a slow, easy pace and just see how things went.

I happily ran 2.78 miles, until the discomfort showed up. I felt like I could've run 10 more, and I wanted to!  But I want this foot to just hurry up and heal already! 

One of my biggest motivations to run is stuff like this right here:
I want to be able to enjoy Christmas treats without putting on weight!

Last night I tried the treadmill again.  
And I had to stop at .75 for the pain.

Don't want to see a doctor, but this is getting very discouraging!


Jennyz said...

Hey! I looked around for a contact section but couldn't find one. I have followed your blog for a couple years so glad your back!

I was wondering if you could update us listening in!

Are you still homeschooling? Are you still trying to be as minimalist as possible in your home? Are you still following a strict grocery budget? That kind of thing.

I am a mom of 5 in southern ohio. I am convinced we would be friends!

Jenny Z.

Karen said...

I'm sure we'd be friends! I'm terrible when it comes to blogging consistently, but I'm not ignoring you! Thanks for asking! I'll put up a "catch-up" post soon.