Thursday, November 06, 2014

Fabulous Fall Days

Our days are slowing down some, with the cool weather stealing in.

We don't mind the slower pace, although the temperatures are not our idea of wonderful.

We are thankful that we can take advantage of different opportunities to get out and do informal learning.

This month we attended a high school volleyball game.  I was so excited that ALL THREE of our girls absolutely loved it!  Each of them was totally engaged throughout each set of the match!  
(particularly exciting:  Our trip to the "confession stand." --Olivia)

The girls love jumping in the leaves.  

On Election Day I had three little shadows in the township hall and in the little voting booth.

I was glad they were interested in the voting process! 
(They were especially intrigued by the vote-tally-upper.)
What is that thing called?  
They wanted to stand there and watch everyone's ballots get sucked in.
Afterward we stopped by the store for some grapes and a pummelo (just wanted to try something new!  It's in the citrus, and it's like a mild grapefruit.)
These 2 long john donuts jumped right into our cart!  We split them and each had a half.

The girls are attending a Wednesday night Bible club, where they are enthusiastically memorizing Scripture and filling out Q&A sections.  They are SO SMART!  I've always been a quick memorizer, but their speedy minds make me feel really slow!

Olivia's learning about the tropical rain forest.  

One thing I love about our home school curriculum is that it encourages families to learn together.
Sure, the girls have their own things that they have to do independently, but overall, each one of them is just so enamored with what the other two are doing!  I don't mind ONE BIT, letting all of them pile in together to see and do things together.  

***crowding around a fun fold-out book about animals of the rain forest.  Today's focus was on monkeys, so it was no surprise that they all wanted a banana!***