Friday, November 07, 2014

Running Gear and Good Fitness Habits!

I used to laugh at people who exercised in compression/running pants.

Then I began running. 

And I started chafing. 
Or getting too cold.  
Then too hot.
Then some more chafing.  (REALLY.  SO BOTHERSOME!)
And my legs would feel swollen.

And I understood!  
Running tights help all of these problems, so I decided to get a pair of them, in the capri length.

Night and day, people!
This summer I wore them some, and shorts some. I overheat easily and quickly, so I wore shorts whenever possible.  

Now it's cold again, even on my porch where the treadmill is.  Since I had just the one pair of compression capris, (and since they are now kinda baggy! YAY!) I bought a pair of pants as well.  

ASIDE:  Thank you, Wal-Mart, for your workout clothing that does not require a second mortgage!  

Yes, I am a little bit self-conscious in them, as it is impossible to hide any bulge or jiggle.
BUT, the more I work out, the less of a problem this will be!  Right?!!

This wicking fabric top is my FAVE.  I'm so glad I bought two of them, as they are PERFECT for exercising in cooler weather.  I sweat a lot (read: like a man), so the wicking fabric is really helpful.  Nothing worse than a soaking wet cotton T-shirt chafing your skin for an hour!

Pants:  Wal-Mart, $12.94
Top:  Wal-Mart, maybe $8?
Shoes:  Brooks Ghost 6

The girls like the treadmill and have taken turns exercising on it.  
Makes me happy that they enjoy it!

Do you wear special running/workout gear?