Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chemo Care Package

Our friend is undergoing chemotherapy right now, and we recently put together a care package for her.  Ellia was memorizing Proverbs 16:24 at the time, and it seemed appropriate.  

"Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones."

Here are the girls, working on their drawings & letters for our friend.

I scoured Pinterest using the search phrase, "chemo care package."  There are SO many good ideas out there!  Here's what we included in our box:
  • Lemon drops.  Chemo often leaves the patient with "metal mouth," and sharp flavors can help.
  • A box of tea.  Our friend loves it, so a variety pack was in order.
  • A cute travel mug.  Lots of doc appointments and tests means a travel mug is a must!
  • A pair of fuzzy socks.  Winter is upon us, sadly.
  • A bottle of hand sanitizer.  The immune system is severely compromised during chemo, so this will help ward off germs.
  • A tube of unscented hand cream.  Lots of hand-washing = dry, cracked skin!
  • A tube of lip balm.
  • A bracelet and matching earrings.  Fun and indulgent!
  • A chocolate bar.  No explanation needed, right???
  • A small flowering plant.  Pretty flowers cheer everyone up!
  • Many cards, pictures, and sweet notes from the girls.
We had SO MUCH FUN putting together this box of love and care.  
We hope it was a blessing to her!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful project to help teach the girls to be empathatic. Just knowing that you all care and spent time doing this for her will be a great blessing to your friend. You put a nice variety of items in that box along with a good dose of love. The Lord is pleased with your time spent.

Kathy said...

Sorry - that comment was from me and I obviously dont know what I am doing because I hit the wrong button.

Karen said...

I wondered! ;-) I'm always blessed when others do nice things for me, but it's always much more fun to be the giver!