Wednesday, October 29, 2014

6 Things that are Making Me Happy Today

  1. Fond memories of an evening spent with friends last night.  Especially fun was the  sushi (which is half-off on Tuesdays.  Now I must think of any excuse I can to spend Tuesdays in town.)  SO delicious.  I had the spicy avo and the soy chino (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, for lo, it is deep fried.  Oh yes.)

2.   This super-fun find at our teeny little thrift shop.  It's Ann Taylor LOFT and it was 75% off.
Of $3.
Which made it EIGHTY CENTS, my friends.  The cashier squealed along with me.  It hits juuust above knee-length and has a couple things that I normally shy away from, namely:
  • It has lace-y looking detail, very feminine. 
  • It is a color.

Yes, a color.  I don't naturally gravitate toward colorful clothes.  See?
A year or so ago Nate forbade me to purchase any more black tops.  
I branched out and started buying gray instead.  (Brave, right?)  So this skirt is a big, bold move for me.  I'll probably wear it one time, but hey.  It was only $0.80.

3.   (Am I on 3?  I don't know.)  Number 3 is the fact that one of my children gave the rest of her chocolate milk to her sister, who had spilled her own.  

4.   The buttermilk ranch dressing that I had on my giant salad today.  I've been in a zesty Italian rut for a year, and that thick full-fat dressing was so good.  

5.   A nice trip to the library today.  I used the computer, unhurried, and the girls happily played learning games and stuffed animals and found a big ol' stack of books.

6.  This goofy kid:

☆☆☆What's making you smile today?☆☆☆


Kathy said...

What's making me smile??? You do - I love that skirt, it is so pretty. I dont love the sushi. You and I are so different. You arent much for color in your wardrobe and I am not adventurous in food at all. I'm so glad the Lord made us each different.

Karen said...

I'm not very adventurous--I don't eat raw sushi! Blech. Different is good, yes! God has such an imagination.