Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olivia's Baptism

After about a month of talking, probing, meetings with Pastor and deacons...  
(It's been a loooooong month, folks!)
...Olivia obeyed God and was baptized this morning.

Pastor told the onlookers how Olivia "pestered" him for a good while before the big day actually arrived.  :)  This, he explained, was a good thing, because it revealed that she was serious about claiming and following Christ!

She could barely contain her excitement this weekend, with several exclamations of, "I CAN'T WAIT TO BE BAPTIZED!" peppered throughout.

While I helped her change out of her church dress and into her baptism clothes, she squealed, 
"MOMMY!  I've been waiting for this day FOREVER!"

*waiting for Pastor to signal the baptismal candidates for church membership*

It was a great day to be in God's house!  Nine new (or fairly new) converts, still soggy from the waters of baptism, joining our fellowship of believers.

*the 2 youngest, shaking Pastor's hand*

We are so happy to witness Olivia's zeal for God's Word, God's house, and God's people!  She was so eager to obey and be baptized, with not a shred of hesitation or nervousness.  What a great day!