Monday, July 23, 2012

New (Old) House

Last month we moved back into the home we own, just on the other side of town.
We moved out three years ago, when the house and my belly were bursting at the seams, expecting our third.
***our third, shortly after birth and nearly three years later***

We told people, "We've just simply outgrown the house!"  And so we rented it out during that time.

Three years later, we have 3 kids instead of 2.  And maybe you already know this, but kids grow a lot in three years.  And they also accumulate/need/have/hoard lots more STUFF in three years.  Bigger stuff, too.  No more little rattles and teething rings.  Now we have 3-story dollhouses and play kitchens and puzzles and baby dolls and OH MERCY THE BOOKS.

Make no mistake:  we are so thankful for the Lord's goodness to us!

So it's a tight squeeze around here, but it's been a good thing, actually.  We're gearing up for a(nother) big garage sale, and we reconfigured the sleeping arrangements so that the girls have the upstairs (all one room).

The downstairs is kept almost toy-free!
There's one little playhouse in the living room, and two canvas storage totes with toys/books.  That's it!  If the kids want to go crazy with toys and books, then they go either upstairs to their room, or down to the basement.  

Master Bedroom.  We are living more simply these days... not a lot of wall hangings, knickknacks, or other non-essentials.  I like it!

 Dining Room/Office.  We pull up the office chair when we all eat together.

It's good to be back in "our" home!  We have enjoyed it more than we anticipated... we do love the neighborhood and our neighbors, and we're located closer to just about everything!  BONUS:  We live right across the street from a park!  Going to the park is actually enjoyable for me, too, now that the kids are all big enough to do everything independently.  All I really have to do now is WATCH, MOM!  MOMMY!  MOMMY, WATCH ME!!!!!


Calvin said...

Is this house new? The downstairs sure looks cozy! The floor is amazing too! Maybe a separate little room for the kids’ toys or a playroom will be nice too. If you don't have extra room for that, your kid's room is pretty spacious. You should take advantage of that. Have a customized bed for the girls, like a double deck bed, and you could maximize the space by using the other side of the room for the playroom. You can put a colorful divider, maybe, just to separate their toys from the bed. Just a little creativity will do. Good luck!

Calvin Mordarski