Thursday, March 01, 2012

Random. Totally random.

On Christmas Eve morning, on my way home from work, I saw a Fisher Price dollhouse sitting dejectedly on someone's curb.
Naturally, I snagged it right up!  Merry Christmas, kids!
(Don't worry--I cleaned it up before letting the girls play with it!)
 It has provided hours of imaginative play for my little dolls!

BONUS:  I discovered a battery compartment, and the thing actually works!
The fireplace roars and lights up... the telephone and doorbell ring... the fridge light comes on... and when you open the back bedroom window, the birds chirp!

 Dollhouse = BIG hit.

Totally unrelated:
Ellia asked me to do "fancy hair" for her the other day.

(I do not really know any "fancy hair."  Up until this point, she considered braids to be "fancy.")
But this is what she got.  For approximately four minutes.  Then it proceeded to slip right out.  

Brienna, on the other hand, has something which we call BAD HAIR.
(neither staged nor exaggerated in the slightest)